Contemporary Iran

“Speak a New Language so that the World will be a new World”

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī

A collaborative project providing learning materials for lovers of Farsi. If you are looking to learn Farsi as it is spoken in the streets and at home between friends and family then look no further. We hope to become a small window for a colourful, warm and creative culture.

Seeking material:- Soundclips, videos, contemporary poetry and music . If you are interested in getting involved click here

Parallel Iran

Recently I came across Parallel Iran, a recent start-up founded by Iranian filmmaking and media production graduate and all round powerhouse Hatefeh Majidi. The goal of Parallel Iran is to provide a platform for other representations of Iran which are not solely focused on the political circumstances in Iran, but those which look to the […]

Experiences of Iran

A short summary of a language student’s time in Iran When we think of Iran our minds naturally drift to the imagined historical Iran – The Iran of the Zoroastrians, the Great Persian Empire – with marvels such as Persoplis, Masters of Poetry, Philosophy and Spirituality such as Hafez and Rumi. We too, think of […]


Wake up, stretch out, take a yawn and look around. Imagine that all you can see are the soft, or sharp inclines and declines, wrapping around themselves as far as you can see. The soft silky sand dragons which are the sand dunes of Varzaneh. Ah, still my beating heart – this is some beauty […]