About CI

Hi, Charlie here. I am a Farsi and Arabic Graduate from SOAS University, London.

You may hear my name pop up once or twice during the soundtracks. I am the annoying, ever-student. Always pestering my dear Iranian friends with that most dreaded of questions – “so..what does that mean?!”

If there is any testimony to the patience of Iranian friendship, none serves better than that of mine. During my 9 months in Iran, I was not so much student as child – an experience that I’m sure many adult language learners.

Learning any language you are sure to make many mistakes, to make the odd social faux-pas and to generally feel frustrated by your inability to express anything meaningful for a long time.

Those learning Modern Standard Arabic and Standard Persian will understand the added frustration that we face when trying to just ‘chat’ with our friends on our new language.

Farsi, known for its beautiful poetry, is also a language rich and full of idiomatic expressions. It is melodic, playful and emotive. But, it can be a little difficult accessing the right resources to show just how sweet farsi is.

We at CI hope to present just some of the many expressions and idioms that are used by Iranians these days.

We are always open to new material and tips 🙏

Enjoy and happy learning

CW @ CI ❤️

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